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Display OEM/ODM

Use our many years of experience and a rich and varied design, fully present your ideas, in your store the best way to show your products.


Supermarket Shelves Gondola



JEOU-SHENG MERCHANDISE-FRAME Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, and has been working on shop fittings  and display systems.
Our company's financial situation is sound and we are private enterprise as well;futhermore we have entered the second generation of operations.
The company philosophy is based on long-term management,it has been providing high-quality store equipment for large chain stores and brands in Taiwan, the United States and Japan.
Our business is built on honesty, reliable quality, competitive price, and on-time delivery.If you are retailer and how to display your products is reletively important, then, we are able to provide you with professional shopfitting products and suggestions for your referance. 

Shop Design Planning and OEM/ODM Development

Store design planning: If there is any service requirement or new store. Oru staff will go to the you and  discuss the requirements. We'll design a shop fiiting plan according to the client's needs.
ODM develops equipment for special needs from design to manufacturing assembly shipment
OEM development is another business model of the company: the client provides the products that have been designed and manufactured by our company.