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Process & Equipment

JEOU-SHENG MERCHANDISE-FRAME Co., Ltd. is a company in shop fittings and displays industry for decades, dedicates to advanced technology and facilities, providing the professional service and high quality to satisfy customers. Not matter ODM or OEM business, we can do various materials from steel sheets, tube, aluminum, wire, wooden MDF to acrylic; we can do total solution from design, manufacturing, assembling to installation.

Shop Design Planning and OEM/ODM Development

Store design planning: If there is any service requirement or new store. Oru staff will go to the you and  discuss the requirements. We'll design a shop fiiting plan according to the client's needs.
ODM develops equipment for special needs from design to manufacturing assembly shipment
OEM development is another business model of the company: the client provides the products that have been designed and manufactured by our company.

Maglev Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Max. allowable dimension : 1510mm X 3020mm
    With this machine, we can provide a new, versatile, highly efficient cutting process, especially in small and various quality. It allows thin sheets and difficult-to-cut materials, such as aluminum, steel, brass, stain less steel, titanium and so on.


Quickly and accurately form metal sheets into the required shapes and sizes.

NCT Automatic Punching Machine

This machine are widely used for all metal sheets process, punching, forming, drilling and tapering. All serious work can be finished in one step with the intelligent automation solution, avoiding the mistakes by labor.

Automatic tube press machine

This machine can be equipped with various kinds of pipe stamping die, can do various specifications of the actual processing.

Amada Bending Machine

All Japanese machines provides high speed and high accuracy bending process, up to 3000mm bending length.

Cold Roll Forming Mill

Automated production line: The completely automatic process from cold roll sheets feeding, straightening, 200 tons punching to roll forming.

Spot Welding Robot Arms, Spot Welders, CO2 Welding Machine

Welding and grinding include MIG, TIG(without filler) and so on, our Robot Arms and high technically human staffs provide smooth, precision and good appearance welding and grinding works.
Our welding mold are all made by ourselves.

Stamping Press – Traditional Press Machine / Automatic Press Machine

With all our Stamping Press machines, we can do forming, drawing, trimming, blanking or piercing to all different requests from the customers.
With Traditional Press, we can process all tube items, special custom made items or small quantities.
With Automatic Press, we can do all metal sheet items and large quantities.

Powder Coating System

Our Powder Coating Equipment is the electronic spray gun to create static electricity on the paint for adhering on the products, including active static powder coating and passive static powder coating. With 3 painting rooms, two for automatic spray gun and one for manual spray gun, Max. allowable dimension is 5500x600x1800mm., we can do more flexible and excellent jobs.

Assembling / Packing / Transportation / Installation

A line for secondary assembling and packing, such as sticker sticking, screen printing, screw lock, etc. are all completed here. The professional manpower makes all products perfectly before transportation. 
[ Department of Transportation ]: Our team delivers products and can do installation on site over the country.
[ Assembly department ]: Our team will assemble the supermarket shelves and display racks according to the store design plan.