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Automotive Department Store / Hardware Store / Retail Store

◾ Hole Backplane Gondola /Slat Wall Gondola Series:
Designed for displaying various car parts, tools, interior and exterior car accessories, providing a clear display method to help customers locate the necessary parts. They can be equipped with pegboards or slotted panels with hooks to increase product placement.
◾ Side wirepanel:
Serves the dual purpose of preventing products from falling off the sides and can be paired with hooks to display small items, making the display neater, increasing product shelving capacity, and enhancing consumer motivation to make purchases.
◾ Mesh Door Set:
The multi-functional mesh door set, with double-layered sliding doors and "mesh hooks," allows the display of various products such as stickers, labels, small car parts, and other hangable items. This not only saves display space but also makes it convenient for customers to make purchases.
◾ POP:
Functionality for installing POP display boards above the shelves helps make your products and promotional messages more prominent, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and increasing sales.
◾ Drawers:
The shelving units also come with lower drawer designs, providing space to store inventory for easy restocking by store personnel.
Tire and Wheel Display Area:
Dedicated space for displaying tires and wheels for customers to browse and select.
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