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To provide better product visibility and increase sales rates, when customers can clearly see products, they can more easily find the items they need. Display shelves not only showcase products but also help maintain their cleanliness and organization. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also generates more revenue for the store.
Provides a checkout processing platform to ensure smooth logistics operations, enhancing business convenience and efficiency. Can be equipped with drawers, shelves, sliding doors, and more, catering to the storage of various documents and products as needed.
Used to display various cosmetics, skincare products, medications, medical supplies, etc. The types of shelves can be adjusted and combined according to the needs of your store to ensure optimal display effects.
Side wire panel
Placed on the sides of the shelves to prevent products from falling, and can be paired with hooks to display small items, maintaining a neater arrangement of products.
Functionality for installing POP display boards above the shelves helps make your products and promotional messages more prominent, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and increasing sales.
The shelving units also come with lower drawer designs, providing space to store inventory for easy restocking by store personnel.
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