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Convenience store / small store / group buying store

◾ Gondola
Display various snacks, beverages, tobacco, and other products to enhance product visibility, allowing customers to easily find what they need. Optional usage of the thin shelving/handles commonly used in Japanese stores enhances the display quality, improving the shopping experience and increasing sales.
* The thin-profile series products' images are not currently uploaded.
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◾ Counter
Optimize order processing procedures to ensure smooth logistics operations, enhancing business convenience and efficiency.
◾ Checkout Counter Merchandising Racks
Located on the side or in front of the checkout counter, these areas allow for additional purchase items, such as chewing gum, candies, tissues, and more. It makes it easy for customers to notice while waiting to pay, enabling convenient access and quick checkout.
◾ Bread Shelf/Chewing Gum Display
Delightful presentation to capture customer attention and increase purchasing desire, thereby boosting sales.
◾ 25-Mesh Side Panels
Unlike regular shelving side panels, the 25-mesh is more suitable for smaller stores and can be paired with hooks to display small items, maintaining a neater display.
The shelf provides specifications for POP display boards, making your products, promotional messages, and product categorization more noticeable.
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