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Pet shop / aquarium store

Excellent quality and durability, coupled with a range of customizable design options, to meet the specific needs of pet supply stores. Applicable to various pet supplies, be it for dogs, cats, birds, or small animals. Whether you need to showcase pet food, toys, cages, clothing, or other items, the shelf heights and configurations can be easily adjusted to ensure optimal product display, maximize your store space, enhance brand image, and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.
Designed to display a variety of pet food and supplies, including dog food, cat food, toys, dog houses, and more.

Side wire panal
Not only preventing items from falling off the sides of the shelves but also allowing for the attachment of hooks on the exterior to display small products, making the display more organized and enhancing stocking rates.

The functionality for installing POP display boards above the shelves helps make your products and promotional messages more prominent, assisting in more effectively organizing the display of your pet supply store.
Choosing the appropriate shelf types based on store layout and product variety enhances the shopping experience and increases sales.
Shelving units also come with lower drawers, providing space to store inventory for easy restocking by store personnel.

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