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Supermarkets / discount stores / hypermarkets / fresh groceries

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◾ Gondola
Offering shelves of various sizes, heights, and designs, allowing supermarkets to display different types of products, including food, household items, and various merchandise.
◾ Special Discount Areas
Featuring specially designed shelves and display cases to highlight promotional or discounted products, attracting customers' attention.
Chain Stores
◾ Consistency and Brand Image
Providing color schemes or specific display units that align with the brand image, ensuring consistency across different branches, thereby strengthening brand recognition.
◾ Customized Designs
Offering tailor-made display shelves and racks based on the space and requirements of each chain store.
Utilize our standard supermarket shelves and plan according to specific needs and space. This creates more attractive and functional display methods for supermarkets, chain stores, grocery stores, and more. If your company can provide specific product information and customization options, feel free to contact us for further discussions.

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全聯_ (6)_0.jpg